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Oaten it is a very good food, because have rich boardShanghai noble baby

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Eat fiber, these prandial fiber can add touch of full abdomen of ministry of human body stomach, still can balance intestines and stomach, promote digest and absorb. But there still is additionally one kind of crop to be called barley in the life, barley and swallow Mai Changde are a little similar. Actually they are different crop two, learn the relevant distinction between wheat of barley He Yan together today.

 Barley and oaten distinction

This is agricultural breed problem. Barley, wheaten, oaten belong to wheat kind, each other are ” kin ” , but plant sort is different. Oaten with naked oats (China western the raw material of eating You side) it is the different variety that grows thing, naked oats also cries naked oaten. Plant oatenly1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Child it is oaten bead, resemble spinning the appearance of the wheaten bead of a bit. Oaten bead is boiled very hard, common boiler should boil a half hour ability complete softness. To facilitate edible, press it into with the machine piece, this is oatmeal. Oatmeal course heats, with respect to make it fastfood oatmeal.

Oatmeal and other cereal, be like rice, wheatA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, corn (the likelihood is dozen of lump that become pink, build a) afresh, rejoin is other burden, make it develops the product that eats namely, call breakfast cornmeal. But some ” breakfast cereal ” in contain oatmeal far from.

 Barley and oaten distinction

Nowadays, oaten get with its distinctive health care function the favour of people, but affirmation of the person that follow suit blindly is not little. After you read the article, you can bilk in vain obviously oaten.

β – Pu gets together candy — oaten particularly consecratory

Have thread of a kind of dissolubility, it is becomes by a series of dextrose element polymerization blame starch kind polysaccharide, this is β – Pu gets together candy, it has a variety of distinctive health care functions.

Prevent a cold

β – Pu gets together candy can enhance immune soldier — the vigor of huge bite cell, exterminate the virus that inbreak, bacterium, fungus to wait quickly cause disease microbial, help you be far from the infection sex disease such as the cold to suffer from.

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β – Pu gets together candy can exterminate the sarcoma cell, malign cell such as melanin cell

Prevent cancer

β – Pu gets together candy can exterminate the malign cell such as sarcoma cell, melanin cell, to cancer of the liver, the inhibition of breast cancer is led can compare a shoulder with anticarcinogen content, and side-effect of extremelying He Du, reason has the regular meritorious service that defends cancer to fight cancer.

Reduce cholesterol

American expert considers to show, patient of fat of a tall blood absorbs 3~4 to overcome β everyday – Pu gets together candy, can reduce ” bad cholesterol ” 8% , danger of its heart attack can reduce 10%~12% .

Adjust blood sugar

β – Pu gets together of candy tall agglutinant the platoon that can restrain a stomach is empty, defer the small intestine absorption to dextrose, defer the career that the blood sugar after eat rises effectively thereby, right diabetic the inhibition with have certain and precautionary action.

 Barley and oaten distinction

Protect alvine way

β – Pu gets together candy cannot be absorbed, ferment in large intestine, produce the fatty acid of short cable length such as third acid, fourth acid, control corrupt bacterium, stimulative beneficial gives birth to bacterium, maintain alvine path bacterium group evenly, prevent diarrhoea or constipation.

Fight radiation

β – Pu gets together candy passes stimulative hematopoiesis function, those who increase leucocyte, red blood cell generate, the harm of bring down radiate to human body. The experiment of research center of air force radiobiology shows, the radiate that gives Xiaobai dead dose of rat as a result is handled, result discovery, beforehand β of profess to convinced – Pu gets together of candy suffer try rat to 80% do not suffer radiation effect completely.

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