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Dropsy is the situation that people often encounters in the life, because water of the fluid outside human body cell divides the human body that accumulative place brings about,it is local strut, it is a kind of very insalubrious symptom. The cause that causes people body dropsy has a lot of, for instance the pathological changes of people body organ can cause dropsy, people is long stand or drink too much water to also can cause dropsy. The commonnest bloated position in the life is hand and leg, so, what reason are leg and hand dropsy?

Leg and hand dropsy are what reason

One, the classification of run-of-mill dropsy

Dropsy often is disease of heart disease, liver, nephrosis, the signal of the disease such as endocrine, but some dropsy are not the expression that is a disease, however reaction of a kind of physiology.

2, send sexual dropsy especiallyShanghai night net

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Often appear to spend dropsy gently, lower limbs has cave sexual oedema or stretch tight closely feeling. As the activity, reduce subsidise gradually. Most scholar thinks to reach own nerve function to be concerned mussily with nerve spirit element.

Leg and hand dropsy are what reason

3, reactivity is bloated

Some people especially high temperature exercise or body are fatter the person that do not love an activity again, suffer the effect of environmental high temperature, skin blood-vessel diffuses, humoral permeate and build up at subcutaneous tissue, often be in hand, sufficient etc place produce dropsy. After summer passes, criterion proper motion subsidise. But every summer is sent surely, relapse old.

4, posture sex is bloated

Stand for long, walk, crouch below or seat, but because of suffocate suffocate of circumfluence of lower limbs blood, deposit causes dropsy, change the period of time after the posture, dropsy can be reduced by oneself, disappear.

Leg and hand dropsy are what reason

5, classics early days is bloatedForum of Shanghai noble baby

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A little healthy woman comes in menstruation inside a week before tide or half month, give lose face eyelid, the back of hand, footForum of Shanghai night net

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Double even lower limbs spends the ankle gently bloated, and be agitated, insomnia, tired, have a headache wait for a symptomForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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. Menstruation comes when tide, bloated etc symptom but gradually subsidise. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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6, medicaments sex is bloated

If use a cortin, spermary ketone, male hormone, insulin, sulfur Niao, the medicaments such as licorice, can bring about a face, hand, sufficient occurrence dropsy, the dropsy after stopping drug is met gradually subsidise. Need not worry to afore-mentioned dropsy, need not use drug in disorder more. But if be dropsy of disease be caused by, need to have corresponding treatment in the light of the illness.

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