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Ran is a kind of very good to human body health movement way, and the limitation that ran a bit won’t be nodded by time ground, it is morning ran no matter still be in the evening ran, it is no matter run from the playground or be in remote, it is possible. Need to prepare a kit only, a pair of sneaker can be finished. But ran also needs skill, blind ran also won’t produce effect of preserve one’s health. So, what are the method of long-distance running and note?

What are the method of long-distance running and note?

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Air temperature of preparative work winter is low, go out morning runs dress cannot too feeble, especially epigastrium should notice heat preservation, lest catch cold catch cold causes taste unwell. A cup of plain boiled water had better be drunk before going out, drink water to be able to complement not only moisture, remove the impetuous of buccal dry tongue of one night, and can reduce hematic concentration, stimulative blood circulation and material metabolize.

Some people are used to going out to run immediately, actually so bad. Best first rub wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water and face, knead two auricle gently, wear good glove, in order to prevent frostbite. Turn respectively again or so ankle, mobile knee joint. Finally, breathe out greatly at a heat, adjust psychological mood. At this moment, you are OK start of a race.

What are the method of long-distance running and note?

After mastering correct methodological start of a race, the upper part of the body a little pitch, two smooth inspect, two arms swing along with the rhythm nature that run, tiptoe should face towards ahead, do not form ” 8 ” word, pedal wants after strong, be born wants gentleness, the movement wants to loosen. The movement has the touchdown of long-distance running foot two kinds: One kind is the palm before the foot or outside touchdown of the side outside the palm. Shanghai noble baby

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Speed of this kind of method fast, effect is good, but more arduous. It agrees with the professional athlete; that improves result is ground of pedal of the palm before complete sole be born transfers another kind. This kind of method, muscle is loosened quite at the back of the leg, run save labour, but rate is slower, comfortable at most person and abecedarian, at ordinary times fitness is very appropriate.

The breath of long-distance running is very important long-distance running attributes movement of metabolization having oxygen, participate in human body each loop of big organ, especially respiratory system. In the process that run, human body increases ceaselessly to aerobic demand, because this wants,notice to breathe rhythm well. Usually, but 2 paces whiff or 3 paces whiff, notice rhythm cannot have risen and fall big. On inspiratory means, should use nose breath and buccal bazoo to mix suck, usable tongue is touched palatine, in order to avoid cold air direct and many inspiratory and those who build didymous chest is exciting. In long-distance running, because oxygen is offerredA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Should lag behind at sarcous activity need, because this is in,” can appear in the process that run the phenomenon of incommensurate ” , make the person feels leg hair is heavy, the bosom sends frowsty, breath difficulty and do not want to continue to run. At this moment, should reduce appropriately run fast, adjust good breath rhythm, hold to the determination that runs. Before long, difficulty can be overcome.

What are the method of long-distance running and note?

The activity after running and loosen a lot of people to be used to running to go back immediately rest, actually so bad. After ran, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Human body whole body gets an activity up and down, at this moment, do good foundation quality to take exercise further, can obtain good gymnastical result. At this moment, can do gymnastics of a broadcast, also can undertake pressing a leg, kick a leg, cross jump, even if jump,feel tall, sheet to the leg jumps and carry high the leg practices, force of development lower limbs and enhance staying power. WholeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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After the exercise finishs, do not be eager to resting. Can place skips kick a leg, the attention wants to loosen all over, two arms nature shakes, two legs are alternantA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Around left and right sides swings naturally. Next, carry genu Fu body, two tactics make a fist or the form that become a knife, beat ham and crus abdomen, make muscle is loosened adequately.

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