To celebrate classical game ” ruined soldier (Doom) ” be born 25 years, famous Mod lover Rich Whitehouse uses game data to change tool Noesis, developed the name is ” Doomba ” script, can will sweep the floor the data of the robot is changed into game map, this unique kind is opposite Jie game is sent on devoir. Although the record still needs time on bad news one time when map data (do not worry, although the process is interrupted, still can incorporate around data) , but if want to turn oneself abode into game battlefield of medium bathed in blood, this should be one of the simplest methods. When building a map, inside the limit that the amount that contains the enemy, weapon and article drop to be able to be set beforehand in game, undertake adjustment according to oneself be fond of. In addition, you also can go up with be being covered for the map material of of all kinds grain pledges. If be returned to this meaning still did not use up, you also can use the data of Doomba at other to be based on ” ruined soldier ” over the game that engine develops, for example ” gentile (Heretic) ” . Do not cross in the final analysis, the premise of all these or a have first Roomba sweep the floor robot ah. Although figure Doomba should can apply to the Roomba type that supports scale map function individually, but at present till, whitehouse affirms what move smoothly to Roomba 980 is OK only. For the iron pink of game of classical to this kind of the first person fire, believe many people ever had been envisaged the fight launchs in a place as abode, if you just have Roomba 980, might as well try rapidly.

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