Huang Renxun of Ying Weida CEO is in a few days ago exposure Ansel of tool of screen of cut of 3D of a game. This is software of screen of cut of a 3D, in game, ansel can suspend game, but not be simple lock decides a picture, allow 360 degrees to adjust picture perspective without blind angle however, find the point of view that you like most, press PrintScreen key went. In the meantime, you still can think check scheme adds effect of distinct Photoshop filter lens, adjust the picture qualitative detail such as depth of field, tonal, illumination, grain.

The resolution that cut pursues also is not a lock go up in game resolution to death, can rise substantially however, can achieve 9600 5400 even such abnormal level, be equivalent to the sixfold above of 4K monitor.

In addition, as VR more and more welcome, ying Weida understands a player to hope to be able to use virtual reality equipment to explore more places. Considering this, ansel also can take 360 degrees of whole picture. After deriving, the player can use Rift or Vive helmet undertakes watching. The player still is installing Ying Weida of the installation on eminent mobile phone to use a program, glasses of VR of chipboard of use cereal song undertakes watching.

Ansel technology will be integrated calorie of drive is shown in NVIDIA GeForce in, but also need game to support ability to use, announce at present have ” whole area blocks ” , ” the person that witness ” , ” outlaw ” , ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” , ” Palagong ” , ” unmanned deep space ” , ” visional arena ” .

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