” new handsome female ghost ” since was being released 2011 oneself, be considered as a surveyor’s pole in game of Netease black unreal all the time. From ” handsome female ghost ” the birth of this brand arrives development, netease threw many mental efforts to its, go up from the choice of spokesman only, we can see its use a heart.

The Yang Yang that the Liu Yifei that from handsome female end swims swims in one’s hand, all without exception of star battle array that handsome daughter invites every time is to not hesitate cost chose to become safflower dawns or small unripe, and on day of the person that in Netease 520 game are had deep love for, netease more announced ” handsome female ghost ” homonymic teleplay films plan, this means brand of handsome female ghost to will try to build this old brand of the recreation that it is extensive further.

On May 20, netease game spot of 2016 news briefings, as ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” specially invite honored guest, yi Fei of Liu of immortal elder sister shows body scene as scheduled, for ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” celebrate 5 years unripe aid blast.

Liu Yifei and ” new handsome female ghost ” the lot between, only then 2011, liu also poors at that time hand in hand Gu Tianle breaks up pat classical black imaginary motion picture ” handsome female ghost ” , get extensive reputably, be by highly praise most celestial being small handsome. Of the same age, netease ” handsome female ghost ” also greeted inside measure, netease immediately invites Liu Yifei to be handsome the female spokesman that carry program, phonate for its, and at formal on April 20, 2012 open fair measure.

Liu Yifei once had acted goddess of black Bai Xiaoqian, elfland to wait for many classical model to illuminate for handsome female ghost, the line that ever also attended handsome female ghost for many times leaves an activity, this also makes its are in player group in obtained extremely high person morale. Be in this on May 20, liu Yifei is more news briefing spot comes before the identity with specially invite honored guest, with ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” renew affection predestined relationship. This also proved from another angle old since, liu Yifei to ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” , the position is changeless from beginning to end.

Aid besides Liu Yifei blast ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” celebrate 5 years outside be born, below handsome female brand ” handsome female ghost ” the hand swam to also choose to serve as spokesman when Gong Xiaosheng Yang Yang.

Yang Yang’s distinctive appearance and in the Cenozoic Era small the acting that the eye shines in be born, with ” handsome female ghost ” the tall Yan Zhi that the hand swims, tall connotation temperament happens to have the same view, besides, yang Yang is returned in three-d no matter is 2 dimension player group in, have market appeal power very much, and this is the prime cause that they choose Yang Yang to regard game as spokesman, at the same time they also expect, silver coin in prospective poplar can with ” handsome female ghost ” hand of hand You Xie, dedicate for the player more wonderful.

We know, the spokesman of a product why, can mirror the positional on any account in giving a product to be in an enterprise directly, and ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” and ” handsome female ghost ” the hand swam to invite Liu Yifei and Yang Yang to be twice when Gong Mingxing early or late its are built situation, this also proved Netease to ” handsome female ghost ” the affirmation of a series of success that this big IP gains in past place, and the determination that can continue to provide resource for its ceaselessly.

On May 20 that day, handsome female ghost has volatile news most for what we bring, it is they will film for game undoubtedly homonymic teleplay. In recent years, ” handsome female ghost ” the government devotes oneself to to make its all the time for IP of an extensive recreation, for this, ” handsome female ghost ” once had rolled out colleague to draw the match below a series of lines such as contest, colleague fiction contest, Cosplay contest, dub contest, the player that is liking 2 dimension culture group in, made distinctive culture atmosphere. And this, of teleplay film mean ” handsome female ghost ” the strong point is exhibited in been satisfy at be in the world of 2 dimension no longer, want however, let more audiences understand ” handsome female ghost ” culture, make its become to span finally thereby the extensive recreation IP of dimension.

We know, in recent years ground of Netease do one’s best supports the game below him banner to raise the strategy of IP with IP, encourage its to be able to jump out game this circle, the more of game language melt into that lets oneself suffers numerous place to understand, and ” handsome female ghost ” of teleplay film, believe to be able to let IP of this one countryman gain greater social influence.

Arrive again to Yang Yang from Liu Yifei of homonymic teleplay pat, ” handsome female ghost ” work steadily, implement oneself extensive recreation strategy solidly. Can be imagined, of teleplay pat, it is a milepost of this one strategy only, is not a terminus, next, it will bring more culture products for us likely, in exert a subtle influence on, the meaning of 4 words is in adapting handsome female ghost.

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