2017 when, ainikesi announces 上海夜网

Shikeweier they will issue a 3A to shoot work, by development of polish atelier People Can Fly. The masterpiece of atelier of People Can Fly is ” bullet storm ” . Now, atelier of People Can Fly already considerably outspread, be in polish hot Shu Fu and England respectively in two years of in the past Niukasier opens branch. Although we do not have the news that hears this secret project from beginning to end, but when this project has compared first go into operation, become dimensions is gianter. Ai Ni of Shi Kewei Er overcomes Lee Singleton of old of Si Lundui atelier to ever expressed, atelier of People Can Fly was full of the talent with professional extremely high accomplishment, and the perfect complement that this game is pair of their game libraries. And disclose according to the CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski of People Can Fly, since since SE was joined 2015, this爱上海同城论坛

project has become gianter, have ambition more. Current, 3 all branch of Pelple Can Fly in all many 170爱上海同城

employee, making this one item with all one’s strength at present. Sebastian affirms to media, the core originality of this project comes from People Can Fly, so SE basically is in charge of in爱上海同城论坛

vest and be being issued only. It is brand-new that they ever represented this project before this brand, also need not worry about be card of SE banner inferior to derive work so. This project carried originality segment 2015, official investment is made, had gone more than 3 years nowadays, sebastian divulges during this the dimensions of this project grows gradually, than 2015 project approving when have idea more. The work all through the ages爱上海同城对对碰

of atelier of People Can Fly can provide the experience that makes a person frank, believe to magnify the person will make shake more after dimensions. Sebastian Wojciechowski thinks the core of this project still is maintaining original originality. About game cont上海贵族宝贝交流区

ent, still cannot disclose now too much, but be in with SE cooperation respect, sebastian states they praise only to SE, SE respect has a special group to help them develop, from design, technology, make and art design respect provided a help. And as hair is peddling, SE also sorts the thing that is in charge of this project, sale and market sale. As to when to announce this game formally after all, sebastian states they still are in with SE at this point the problem undertakes cooperative deliberative.

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