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Every classics edits Lu Xiangyong

It is to be on business without giving thought to in Tecent and A, the try to overtake each other in friendly emulation that perhaps goes up in share price, can let eat melon masses people excited unceasingly.

Yesterday (on August 1) , tecent accuses share price dish in highest amount to 317.4 HK dollar, total market prise breaks through 3 trillion HK dollar (add up to) of 2.58 trillion yuan of RMBs about, bec上海贵族宝贝交流区

ome Asian market prise to be next to Alibaba (add up to 2.63 trillion yuan of RMB about) company.

Ma Yun of PK of th上海千花网龙凤论坛

e share price in Tecent A is temporarily banner

Since this year, tecent charges a share price all the way when the river rises the boat goes up too, rose from the 190 HK dollar of the beginning of the year 315 HK dollar (on August 1) of closing quotation price, accumulative total rises about 66% . And the corresponding period, alibaba share price rose from 88.6 dollars 154.7 dollars, accumulative total rose 74%; Beijing east share price rose from 25.8 dollars 45.5 dollars, accumulative total rose 76% .

To PK of the share price in Tecent and A, having a Duan Zi is so say:

By day harbor: Alidouduo is little -72737新上海贵族宝贝论坛

9968, how much does Tecent get at least how many -727379968? Do do do do.

In the evening US stock: What? Tecent how many -727379968? How can you differ in A? Do do, do.

Circulate so.

In share price PK while, the social status of Ma Yun and Ma Huateng also is not Xiang Baizhong. Laying a plan this Forbes the whole world millions upon millions plute in real time pop chart, before two average per capita entered the whole world 20.

Pay close attention to double horse social status to rank big play than Everyman, the personage inside course of study pays close attention to the outstanding achievement of two companies more.

This ye上海千花网

ar in May, tecent announces 2017 money newspaper shows first quarter, it is forty-nine billion five hundred and fifty-two million yuan when season Tecent gross income, grow 55% compared to the same period. Net profit is forteen billion four hundred and seventy-six million yuan, grow 58% compared to the same period. Last year annual, tecent battalion receives one hundred and fifty-one billion nine hundred and thirty-eight million yuan of RMBs, add compared to the same period 48% , net profit forty-one billion four hundred and forty-seven million yuan of RMB,

Alibaba announced his that month 2017 money year (Alibaba’s money on April 1 ~ the 2nd year on March 31, before money of basic and corresponding Tecent signs up for one nature year) newspaper of money of the fourth quarter reachs 2017 money year annual outstanding achievement. 2017 money year the fourth quarter, group income grows Alibaba compared to the same period 60% , achieve the Babaji in A of annual of; of thirty-eight billion five hundred and seventy-nine million yuan of RMBs round income is one hundred and fifty-eight billion two hundred and seventy-three million yuan of RMB, grow 56% compared to the same period, it is fifty-seven billion eight hundred and seventy-one million yuan via adjustment net gain.

Comparative two compan爱上海同城论坛

ies can discover, gross income of annual of the Baba in A (one hundred and fifty-eight billion two hundred and seventy-three million yuan of RMBs) exceed Tecent (one hundred and fifty-one billion nine hundred and thirty-eight million yuan of RMBs) about 4% , net profit exceeds Tecent 26% .

Announcement shows, tecent general on August 16 (on Wednesday) release the 2nd season and half year money signed up for 2017.

The Zun Chong in A is right das上海同城对对碰交友社区

h forward Tecent defends firm socialization + game

Index of the core in A is banner Tecent, blossomming not to have nothing to do in the round with its business is. Today’s Alibaba already by in those days the Internet tycoon that B2B business dilate is computation of business of cable of over or across, finance, content shedding, cloud, big data to wait for square field surface.

Although firm of merchant of a pure cable already was no longer in A, but the big head of its income still comes from electric business Wu. 2017 money year, income of Wu of business of group core cable grows Alibaba compared to the same period 45% to one hundred and thirty-three billion eight hundred and eighty million yuan of RMB. A Liyun whole money year income scale amounts to 6.663 billion yuan of RMB, go up compared to the same period year of growth 121% . Digital media and income of recreational business annual grow 271% to come compared to the same period forteen billion seven hundred and thirty-three million yuan of RMBs.

Picture origin: Alibaba official small gain

At the beginning of July, heart volition bank releases research report to say to value perspective of new retail strategy, go up considerably target price reachs the Libaba that move A 201 dollars, anticipate still have the possibility that continues to move. Before this, magendatong also looks Alibaba mark is moved to 190 dollars on valence.

Heart silver report says, alibaba is in deep ploughing is new retail, pass and general merchandise of box horse, silver-colored peaceful and other and companionate collaboration, the discharge that hopes to leave the line not just guides on the line, hope can comprehensive will retail operation is digitlized however. In addition, digital media and cloud business of Alibaba, entertainment business and to Lazada of platform of business of southeast Asia cable add hold also be valued for a long time.

With Alibaba Zun Chong is right dash forward different, tecent support is gregarious + game constructs a moat, earned rich and generous profit. 2016 annual, game contributed the income of 42% for Tecent, achieve seventy billion eight hundred and forty-four million yuan, among them the hand swims income 37.7 billion yuan, the popular topic first half of the year ” Wang Zherong boasts ” contribution is not small.

According to not complete count, in going 10 years, tecent already exceeded 50 to the investment case of game industry, include 9 billion dollar to buy tribal conflict to develop business Supercell; among them wholy-owned accuse a heroic alliance to develop business fist; to become a shareholder move inspect blizzard. Be in late on July 20, tecent announces with 17.7 million pound (add up to 156.3 million RMB about) to business of British game development Frontier undertook the strategy invests.

Negotiable securities of the international that enrol business is released at the beginning of July grind the newspaper maintains Tecent to buy grade, target price is 321 HK dollar, we value a company the game reserve of second half of the year, small letter changed quickly 2017 now and pay the driving growth with the cloud. Negotiable securities of the international that enrol business predicts, tecent 2 quarters hand swam 2017 income grows annulus comparing 7% , grow 44% compared to the same period, but clew should pay close attention to a government to continue to tighten up pair of game industries to superintend.

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