Beijing University goes to the United States to visit a scholar Zhang Ying glume is missing in case investigation, FBI (FBI) discovers suspect Kelisitengsen ever was browsed involve bind, the website that applies cruel to suffer cruel, log onto the forum that involves staking. Investigation personnel concludes, kelisitengsen is probable Jiang Zhangying after clever kidnap, traffic into pedestrian mouth through dark net trade. From this, the dark net platform that is engaged in trading illegally enters the line of vision of people once more.

In recent years, many case involves dark network. Saishensi announces Jeff of American attorney general on the press conference that not long ago holds in Washington, the 6 countries such as the United States, Holand, Thailand execute the law hand of ministry scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet, eradicated the alpha of is engaged in drugs, weapon and other and illegal article trading dark net platform with the greatest whole world bay. This may be one of the most important this year criminal investigation, history on the dark net market with the biggest dimensions is destroyed.

Terminal case points to many drugs of United States alpha bay

Internet world already was people place hep, but an underground world on Internet is little-known however. Here can trade publicly pornography of drugs, firearms, children and a lot of illegal services, horrible even organization also is in member of this platform recruit, the plan launchs assault, this is dark net. People enters the airspace that engine of this common search cannot discover through increasing ability of close concealed body software, everything trades to be passed execute the law the digital money that personnel does not superintend is secret undertake.

In this crime heaven, alpha bay is the biggest platform. According to American judiciary investigation, the home sells to reach 40 thousand person on alpha bay, the client exceeds 200 thousand person. Before shut, on the website illicit drug trades with what have poisonous chemical entry exceeds 250 thousand, identity document of have things stolen and credit card data, baleful software trade entry exceeds 100 thousand.

Trade because of the injustice that undertakes on alpha bay, the United States already had much person meet one’s death. This year on Feburary 16, russia of American northwest ministry straps ridge city Portland city, ;2 month dies 27 days after U-47700 of new drugs of excessive of a suck of 18 years old of women, american southeast ministry county of Florida city orange, aconite of excessive of a suck of 24 years old of women fragrance too; of the death after the Buddhist nun goes annual bottom, ministry of American Chinese and Western still his city handkerchief captures a city, two U-47700 that 13 years old of boys buy because of abusing a friend die early or late inside 48 hours investigation shows, all origin of these illegal medicaments, point to alpha bay.

After 26 years old of person that establish are arrested

Be died in prison house toilet by discovery

American judiciary did not disclose from when to begin to investigate alpha bay, but the file that announce shows, began in May from last year, execute the law client of personnel disguise oneself as, buy illegal goods from alpha bay. Investigation personnel accident discovered the establish person of alpha bay holds an administrator concurrently, the case achieves revolutionary progress from this, bring about alpha bay finally complete collapse.

The file shows, the establish person of alpha bay uses Alpha02 and Admin(manager early or late) two nets name, use hair of mailbox of Hotmail of a Microsoft to give the welcome of new user post, and this mailbox belongs to the Canadian Alexander that was born on October 19, 1991 to block at present.

Investigate discovery further, gregarious profession website is gotten flower the person that goes up to also one calls Alexander Ka Ci, self introduction is perfectness a variety of computer software, it is personnel of design of a webpage. More important is, 2008, the net name of somebody use Alpha02 is sent on a forum post, be in attach name Alexander in card ending Ka Ci and afore-mentioned individual mailbox.

Investigation personnel concludes, this Ka Ci is the establish person of alpha bay. This year on July 5, ka Ci is arrested by Thailand police in Bangkok, when Ka Ci is arrested, using notebook computer to receive alpha bay server with the net name of the administrator, answer user query on forum, its identity affirms formally from this. After be arrested, ka Ci is faced with drugs to trade, embezzle the identity, wash the multinomial accusation such as money to accuse. However, be about to reach by ext上海贵族宝贝

radite in Ka Ci when the United States, 12 days of his Yu Mangu be dyinged by discovery inside a jail.

The message says, ka Ci is the suicide dies. According to the report of local media, one is on duty at that time the policeman discovers his prison house window is held off by a towel, and lose sight of Ka Ci from outside. After opening prison house door when police, discover he had been in to death inside the toilet of prison house.

Police checks an on 100 million property

Include many number money

Thailand alarm curule Chalinjisiliwolakan will tell the bound Reuter reporter on July 24, they closed down Ka Cichao crosses an ancient unit of weight of 700 million peaceful (add up to 140 million yuan of RMBs about) asset. Thailand book wife of Ka Ci at present of Ka Zesi of Su Ni Sa also is detained, face the accusation that wash money.

Because block at present and its wife to do not have lawful income source, investigation personnel believes, what these asset come from bay of Yu Aer law is illegal trade. Since alpha bay was founded 2014, illegal sale estimation is accumulative total 1 billion dollar, trade illegally article includes drugs, firearms, contraband, spoil, counterfeit, baleful software to wait. According to the letter, alpha bay is right each deal collection 2% to the commission of 4% .

The record according to him Ka Ci, his asset adds up to 23 million dollar about, include value of 12.5 million dollar praedial with car of a person of extraordinary powers, the others is cash and digital money. On July 5, when the abode that blocks at present when Thailand police raid, in him one did not add close notebook computer, investigation personnel found an electron form, among them detailed enumerate his asset.

The asset blocking at present that is closed down by American government at present includes value the bit money of 6.6 million dollar, value the aether lane money of 2.4 million dollar, value a collect money of 622 thousand dollar, value the 0 money of 980 thousand dollar. In him oneself and under one’s name of its Thailand wife have date of 11 banks Zhang and digital money to trade at least Zhang date, open an account the place parts to wait for a country in Thailand, Switzerland.

Besides the money, ka Ci still has a special liking to car of a person of extraordinary powers, he has the 2013 Lanbojiniaiwendaduo, nimble when one is protected Panameila, confuse you Cooper and.

He has 3 flatlet to produce in Bangkok, there is to go vacationing in Pu Jidao house. Ka Ci still is trying to gain Cyprus dweller status, in this country employ a naturalization is advisory. This year in Feburary, through buying house property, he still was obtained how to carry melon and Ba Buda citizenship.

Card thises or crack oneself up amounts to younger sister American rich of the person advocate the person take an active part in of the forum on Roosh V net. He pays a member fee to Roosh V regularly, and often be in forum boast oneself success. His him Ceng Xuanyao bought a beauty of accept of handkerchief of the nimble when protecting to pull, when somebody oppugns him to boast, he was stuck with respect to the photograph that drives his go up. He once still was sent post is vaunting oneself are in Thailand how younger sister, said to there is the agreement before marriage before he marries, after wife marriage cannot he plays check woman. He returns wife demarcate weight upper limit.

Computer wonder uses talent in crooked place

Founding before alpha bay, ka Ci ever managed a webpage to design business legally. The word that uses his father says, he not only clever, and never drug taking, and do not be willing even a fly to harm. He cannot believe from beginning to end, oneself son is old man of that even if trade illegally,goes out to drill in dark net behind the curtain that is charged by FBI.

Ka Ci was born in Canadian Ottawwa on October 19, 1991, it is the home in alone child. He likes computer sport as a child, a hacker is become when 14 years old. Be as high as 142 according to weighing his intelligence quotient, because of technology of its excellent computer process designing, when high school graduates already by fair consider as a computer wonder.

After high school graduates, ka Ci did not continue attend school, entered field of electronic business affairs however, and sent money very quickly. The person that is familiar with him thinks, when ten years old he with respect to open the first company, call EBX science and technology, business basically is the website that sale computer and help Xiaogong department build him.

Dan Kaci is used very quickly in crooked place with respect to the IT ability him. Investigation personnel thinks, he founded alpha bay 2014, of the same age will begin to be popularized on dark net in December. And EBX science and technology serves as downstage compan上海贵族宝贝

y, be used at washing money by Ka Ci, the ill-gotten wealth that in transferring him to trade in dark net, acquires, include many number money among them.

When a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of friend tall Lai is accepting Canadian media to interview especially, say: He (Ka Ci) it is a brilliant fellow all the time, I know he loves money so far from, I feel he may be to be immersed in a plot. I know his 上海夜网

mother, she is very genial. Regret she must be gotten really bear these. What make a person regretful more is, ka Ci uses his talent in maleficent on.

Dark net technology results from American army

Science blames animal out of control

Alpha bay is numerous only one of dark net platform. Be eradicated as alpha bay, another in Holand operation dark black trade the user amount of website Chinese Sa increased 8 times. Be Ied hope, the many servers of Chinese Sa already were in Holand police secret under control, all crime activity is come down by the record. Current, 2 administrators of Chinese Sa are arrested in Germany, have additionally top class sell the home to be arrested.

Actually, before alpha bay appears with Chinese Sa, dark net blackmarket has existed, be in early October 2013, american FBI closed down trade technically with bit money the website that has weapon and narcotics business, because encourage,the benefit of cloth of black of Ross of the person that found of this website hopes to hawk drugs, wash the money, accusation such as attack computer, be sentenced lifelong imprisonment.

According to introducing, the user visits these hidden websites through ability of faceless representative tool only, among them a kind of representative tool that is called Tor can accept 30 thousand dark webs, 3.4% what discharge takes whole Internet flow.

The fountainhead of Tor comes from at American army. 1995, the United States is naval to protect the communication network security between the ship, avoid signal be dogginged by enemy, started a technical development that aims to add secret transmission data through acting server. This product name onion road by, tor is its abbreviation. After a year, 3 American scientists of naval research lab publish a paper ” conceal road by information ” , put forward this technology prototype, in a certain system, the person that any use is in faceless condition in real time in the metropolis when join Internet, and won’t divulge the identity to the server.

In October 2003, american navy studies the lab is immersed in the condition with in short supply finance, threw the capital support to Tor. Making what the person did not think of is, when designing Tor the earliest as a result of the scientist, be absorbed in making this system more secret mix be discovered hard, development arrives later, tor blames animal scientificly like, lose control thoroughly.

Group of dark net expert has reached consensus, dark net is not hit forever, only can more and more dark nets are born, the person that superintend must not differ Cicide undertakes what undertake is kept constantly on the run between platform hitting this seem to be in differring dark net trades to its play shrewmouse game.

Beijing police ever uncovered the case that uses dark net crime

In the case that produces in many countries in recent years, inquirer discovers and dark net is concerned.

On March 7, 2016, safety of network of Beijing public security bureau guards total fleet to receive Chinese the Ministry of Public Security to report clew, immigrant of custom of ministry of American land safety executes the law bureau discover in daily go on a tour of inspection, somebody conceals a network outside many conditions picture of many children pornography and video are released on the space. Classics beauty just is checked first, the IP address of promulgator shows belong to Beijing. Through a few days track, the policeman found beautiful square bulletin eventually, the suspect that has become member of pornographic website VIP. According to investigation, when arriving to be discovered, this suspect had uploaded many 100 children bawdy video, the hit is as high as 20 thousand more than times, reply more than times 7000.

Late on March 13, 2016, police basis clew, in area of Beijing rising sun inside one village, seize suspect Sun Mou. In Home Sun Mou, police discovered the bawdy video that amounts to 3T, among them bawdy vid阿拉爱上海同城

eo amounts to children 400G. Sun Mou of 19 years old is in an university of Beijing to read this year big 2, study result is outstanding. Sun Mou admits, he stems from individual fondness for, often use QQ group, Baidu cloud dish etc buy, transmission children is bawdy video. Because his English and computer technology are very good, teach oneself dark net technology, the website outside telling pass through the territory of a country releases children bawdy video, exchange a home to do not have has seen bawdy video.

In Sun Mou’s mobile phone and computer, the policeman discovered 30 many QQ group. In these QQ group in, a few groups advocate peace activist is the personnel that has special hobby so like Sun Mou, they can ask additionally a few groups of members go filming the gender invades the video of children, be in different group in exchange, involved video differs to a few minutes from a few minutes. Each district police acts at top speed, capture to be being concealed in the experience case personnel of each district to carry out. As we have learned, up to now, each district police has arrested hundreds suspect that includes 17 to be suspected of a gender invading the children, video that make, involve wait for the Chinese the others beyond except Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia all province.

Mohammedan country passes recruit of dark net recruit

Dark net still provides the recruit personnel, secret medium of communication that buys a weapon for terrorist. The warning in the report that U.N. expert group submits to U.N. Security Council says, the horrible organization such as Mohammedan country, base uses member of foreign country of dark net recruit, the plan launchs horrible assault, its add the safe orgnaization with top level of secret information even if to also cannot defeat solution, each country government should keep alert to this.

Notorious horror organizes Mohammedan country, be good at applying a network to undertake conduct propaganda, all the time by accepted the recipe that succeeds for this organization, and the information of this majority is delivered happen in dark net. Carry dark network, they are OK recruit recruit, buy a weapon, sending brainwashing message is communication fears raiding a plan even.

November 2015, the horrible assault record that produces in French Paris causes the whole world to shake, and subsequently investigation personnel discovers, a few years terrorist carried Mohammedan state all the time in the past dark net undertakes horror makes a surprise attack communication communication, plan. In January 2015, mohammedan country released a paragraph of film in net of dark network official, the terrorist appeal that film content is article of 3 methods and rules for military drill or physical exercise launchs assault in French brethren. Two paragraphs of doubt are like in the center film in North Africa and West Africa, but of last paragraphs of film filming the place already decided is Parisian outskirts area.

Zhang Ying glume is missing case suspect Ceng Fang asks dark network

China goes to the United States to visit a scholar Zhang Ying glume is missing in the process of case investigation, american FBI discovers what the name is FetLife to suspect Kelisitengsen once used a mobile phone to had visited involve bind, the website that applies cruel to suffer cruel, ever still logged onto to be called staking the forum of 101. He still has browsed a problem to let his thought flow freely for perfect kidnap and the card that plans to carry out staking. Investigation personnel concludes accordingly, kelisitengsen is probable Jiang Zhangying after clever kidnap, traffic into pedestrian mouth through dark net trade.

Staking 101 be in order to bind, cruel is loved, the addiction that love thing and additional kind of gregarious network that leaning lover collects, nearly 6 million registered an user to share the picture of上海夜网论坛

more than 30 million pieces of relevant themes and 40000 paragraphs of video on this website. This website is executed at first invite make, cannot open register, later although open, but the person that the requirement is registered must use test and verify of mobile phone short message, and have restriction to the mobile phone date of a lot of places.

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