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In report will occupy new network on August 12 coverage of TV of Chinese of United States of cite of American Chinese net, american immigration office released the draft of policy detailed rules that emigrates about investment 10 days, in EB-5 investment immigrant appears below the circumstance of platoon period, right specific examine and approve offer more the guidance that detail changes, emigrant lawyer expresses, the examine and verify that invests immigrant will be more strict.

China invests immigrant to went to the United States promoting the demand to commercial estate

The immigration office is new the issuance detailed rules draft about investing land settlement policy, emphasize in investment immigrant project, from submit application (I-526 form) to approval conditional green card (I-495) , arrive again approve termless green card (below the circumstance that 上海贵族宝贝交流区

the time of I-829) lengthens, create obtain employment opportunity to investing immigrant, investm上海龙凤论坛

ent is durative, and 3 respects such as projec爱上海同城手机版

t change undertake detailed examination the standard is directive.

Draft makes clear a regulation, the requirement submits application after 526 form win approval half an year, must begin employ full staff member to be versed in, requirement of amount of obtain employment opportunity must be achieved before offerring 829 application. Draft also sets, before condition of contented creation obtain employment, capital must be in risk condition consistently. Additional, in always applying for a process, project material occurrence change, need to submit 526 application afresh.

Emigrant lawyer Huang Wei expresses, draft applies for to give out with respect to investment immigrant regulation of more careful proclaimed in writing, adjust and not quite上海千花网龙凤论坛

, but because Chinese citizen invests immigrant to appear,discharge period, the clause makes apply for difficulty to increase in the center. Do not know platoon period arrives now what degree, speed how? When can you take conditional green card? And the immigration office sets from 526 obtain batch of half an year to calculate case, and rather than takes the time place of conditional green card to calculate, a bit unreasonable to chinese mainland applicant.

This draft will have time of a month, seek all circles opinion to September 8. Emigrant lawyer Huang Wei expresses, the number growth that applies for to invest immigrant at present is rapid, the project of EB-5 also blossom everywhere, the immigration offi爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ce is strict with each passing day to investing immigrant it is inevitable trend.

The problem such as the attention gets fully before was not being involved about investing draft of memorandum book of emigrant and newest policy investment amount that the immigration office announces this, but predict on September 30 this money year when the end, extremely possible meeting has new policy to come on stage, emigrant to investment examine and verify is stricter, the doorsill also is met taller.

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