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Believe many people are preferred in the life eat a few cake, especially to northerner, cooked wheaten food is the staple food in their life, and face cake also a in becoming them to live indispensable food with respect to of course. But face cake has a lot of ways, what everybody likes most is in decoct face cake when join hamburger of make it of a few flesh, such meetings let eater have appetite more. So what does the practice of hamburger of use flour fry in shallow oil have?

The practice encyclopedia of hamburger of flour fry in shallow oil

1. uses face of flour, ferment clear water 250 grams and divide evenly, quiet place ferments. Pork is abluent, chop becomes fleshy fine and soft, join chopped green onion, refined salt, gourmet powder to mix divide evenly expects into stuffing.

The dough that 2. has sent is joined feed alkaline knead divide evenly, rub makes an appointment with 3.3 centimeters circle into the diameter, select 10 agents child, one by one presses round skin, every bag expects into stuffing 17.5 grams, heal is gadarene, become with rolling pole roll make an appointment with 6.6 centimeters continuously, thick the cake base of 10 millimeter.

Rapeseed oil is added inside 3. pan, burn when coming to be heated up most probably, put cake semifinished product, when decoct fizzles out to two sides color namely ripe.

The 4 essentials that make 1. Dough should knead divide evenly Tang to appear, add alkali number to should not be overmuch, knead it is smooth and advisable to come;2. Small internal heat should be used when decoct is made, Fall in love with the sea

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Lest outside Jiao Li not ripe

How decoct hamburger is delicious

Xianggu mushroom decoct hamburger

Material: Pork stuffing 300 grams, xianggu mushroom 3-5, unripe take 2 grams, candy 2 grams, balm 1 gram, salt, pepper a few.

The practice encyclopedia of hamburger of flour fry in shallow oil

Practice: 1, hair of Xianggu mushroom bubble, mincing reserve. 21000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, mix meat stuffing and Xianggu mushroom, chop, the frequency of chop is not too much, fleshy grain is a few more largish more delicious. 3, will unripe take 2 grams, candy 2 grams, balm 1 gram, salt and a few pepper are putSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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In Xianggu mushroom meat stuffing, mix is even. 4, take a small chopped meat, rub becomes a circle, press into cake shape next. 5, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, put hamburger, the area searchs after one side decoct is yellow, break up a few times to mature to hamburger repeatedly can.

Sweet hamburger of sauce of the daily life of a family

Material: Common flour 200 G, water 110-120ml, pork stuffing 250 G, green, ginger is right amount, soya bean sauce 1 spoon, oyster sauce 1 spoon, peanut oil 1 spoon, unripe smoke soy 1 tea spoon, often draw spoon of soy 1/2 tea, balm 1 tea spoon, water 2 spoon.

The practice encyclopedia of hamburger of flour fry in shallow oil

Practice: 1, water slowly in pouring flour, after becoming small area a knot in one’s heart with chopstick agitate, knead exterior light on the tableLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Slippery dough, put on the lid in big bowl to last next film is in roomA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Lukewarm 10-15 issueing Tang minute. 2, soya bean sauce, bad news oily, peanut oil, unripe smoke soy, old smoke soy and balm to fall water is added after the mix in meat stuffing is even, hit meat stuffing energetically hind, mix into green and ginger divide evenly reserves. 3, the dose is cut after the dough rub with good Tang becomes strip child, next roll becomes a bit bigger face skin. 4, put chopped meat on face skin, the package is nice, the pasty after the package is nice is put in the squash on face plate, the tea cloth on best lid prevents face skin kill. 5, pan enters right amount oil, small firebrand hamburger puts the cap on the lid, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Every decoct is controlled 2 minutes or decoct becomes golden look can.

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